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Tips for DNB-Family Medicine seekers: Updated

During PG admission times, online fora buzz with a lot of anti-Family Medicine chatter. Most of the negative chatter is by people with anonymous names and profiles. There is a strong suspicion that these are people who scored low ranks … Continue reading

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2015: A historic, exciting and truly memorable year for Family Medicine in India.

My dear fellow journeymen, 2015 was an awesome year for FM in India. The year took off with the memorable Kerala state conference in Calicut in the 1st week of Jan itself, followed by an unprecedented number of state Conferences … Continue reading

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Family Medicine is “Inferior Medicine”: Response

Dr. ABCD wrote: see dnb fm is completely different from medicine and paediatrics.. why let me explain.. Dnb fm cannot do 2decho cannot give fitness for surgery cannot be a medicine consultant.. people just misguide.. Dnb family medicine is a … Continue reading

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DNB Family Medicine/ MD Family Medicine: Is it “good” for you?

Over the last couple of years, in most good institutes, FM seats disappeared well before conventional specialties such as surgery, medicine, anesthesia etc in average places. Gone are the days when those who got poor ranks in post-graduate entrance tests … Continue reading

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