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Satire: Big Boost to “Make in India” programme, major cities to be developed as “African Safari hubs”

Bengaluru, 16 Feb 2016. In a major boost to the “Make in India” initiative, the government has announced that a few Indian cities will be developed as “African Safari” hubs to boost tourist potentials, starting with Bengaluru. “It was a … Continue reading

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(Satire) 2013: Govt Launches “One Doctor in Every Family” scheme.

Asanshol, 29th Feb 2013: In a move that stinks of genius, some politicians are coming up with a brilliant idea to tackle all medical-related issues plaguing the country: forcing open a Medical College in every district. Not to let go … Continue reading

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Quackery legalised; Autorickshaw Drivers Across the Nation Now Demand Pilot’s License.

Disclaimer: This is satire. The author is not an astrologer and will refuse to be held responsible if any of this stuff turns out to be real in the near future. *** By our staff Reporter. Asanhol, 29th Feb 2015. … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Donkey gets admission into Medical College, policy makers hail “Exciting Development”

Disclaimer: This is a fictional work. Any resemblance to real stuff- persons, place, even country, is unintended and co-incidental. Spelling errors and cancellations, if any, regretted. *** By our staff reporter Asanshole, 29th Feb 2015. In a sting operation by … Continue reading

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