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Ads promising a “Family Medicine career in a corporate chain of clinics” will blow you off your feet. But read this before you leap.

Some corporate chains have been exploiting young family medicine (FM) specialists in the name of FM. They show little interest in your family medicine, once that contract is signed. *** Dear all, a word of caution / alert: Please take … Continue reading

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Satire: Quacks jump on to “rising intolerance” bandwagon, say “its a medical fact”

Asansol, 29th Feb 2015 In a major boost to the “rising intolerance” movement, several quack practitioners¬† in the country have stood up in support. This correspondent caught up with Dr. Jackup Northy, the wiliest quack in the country . The … Continue reading

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Satire: Unnerved by “Gentle Reminder”, intolerant employee jumps out of window.

By Our Freelance Reporter. Asanshol, Feb 29th 2015. Anto Lawrence Rebello is a broken man. Word reached this reporter that he had been admitted in hospital with multiple minor injuries following a suicide attempt. When contacted, he was in a … Continue reading

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Satire: Media House Completes One Day of Unbiased Reporting, Gets Nominated for Nobel Prize.

In a stunning development, the “Kab Tak?” media group has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize this year. This has come on the heels of their newly adopted policy of “Ethical News Reporting” which was implemented only yesterday. “The … Continue reading

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AYUSH- Lets admire the wisdom and professional integrity of our Vets for keeping out.

My respect for Veterinarians is growing day by day. They are the ONLY segment of healthcare workers in India who are not begging or twisting political arms for “rights” to practice “allo”pathy on humans. That’s because they wisely accept that … Continue reading

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