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We “cost” little to you. But we deal in something priceless.

There are times when I LOVE discussions with self-proclaimed VIP patients! *** Background: The typpikkyyal Mallu VIP (pronounced ‘Vyee-iyy-pee’) is a boisterous, oversized, middle-aged male. He insists on smilingly referring to himself ‘small and humble’- something he will remind you … Continue reading

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Ads promising a “Family Medicine career in a corporate chain of clinics” will blow you off your feet. But read this before you leap.

Some corporate chains have been exploiting young family medicine (FM) specialists in the name of FM. They show little interest in your family medicine, once that contract is signed. *** Dear all, a word of caution / alert: Please take … Continue reading

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Patient encounters: The scared sufferer-manipulator.

It happens routinely in 100% literate God’s own country. Maybe, even more so. *** A healthy-looking lady walked in to the clinic. “Doctor, I’m feeling much better” (She was in a near-crippling state 1-2 months ago). “I want to stop … Continue reading

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One GOOD reason to switch off your phone when you’re with your Doctor.

In day-to-day practice, we come across amusing instances that stump the doctor for a moment. This was one of them. This will be understood better if read in the light of the common Indian sociocultural mindset regarding children and marriage. … Continue reading

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What do Doctors have to do with “doctored” videos and photos?

It is usually agreed that the origin of the word “doctor” lies in old English or French- meaning a “learned person” or a “respected teacher”. Gradually, healers- those considered among the most learned and of much use to society, began … Continue reading

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(Satire) 2013: Govt Launches “One Doctor in Every Family” scheme.

Asanshol, 29th Feb 2013: In a move that stinks of genius, some politicians are coming up with a brilliant idea to tackle all medical-related issues plaguing the country: forcing open a Medical College in every district. Not to let go … Continue reading

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2015: A historic, exciting and truly memorable year for Family Medicine in India.

My dear fellow journeymen, 2015 was an awesome year for FM in India. The year took off with the memorable Kerala state conference in Calicut in the 1st week of Jan itself, followed by an unprecedented number of state Conferences … Continue reading

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