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We “cost” little to you. But we deal in something priceless.

There are times when I LOVE discussions with self-proclaimed VIP patients! *** Background: The typpikkyyal Mallu VIP (pronounced ‘Vyee-iyy-pee’) is a boisterous, oversized, middle-aged male. He insists on smilingly referring to himself ‘small and humble’- something he will remind you … Continue reading

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Satire: Quacks call for Papaya Tree to be canonized as “Saint Papaya Tree” for miraculous role in “curing” dengue.

Asansol, Feb 29th, 2015. By an honest reporter. Every noble deed is followed by a slew of opportunists trying to cash in. A delegation of quack practitioners eking a living out of various “belief systems” (i.e. non-scientific and devoid of any sense) systems of … Continue reading

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One GOOD reason to switch off your phone when you’re with your Doctor.

In day-to-day practice, we come across amusing instances that stump the doctor for a moment. This was one of them. This will be understood better if read in the light of the common Indian sociocultural mindset regarding children and marriage. … Continue reading

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Satire: Big Boost to “Make in India” programme, major cities to be developed as “African Safari hubs”

Bengaluru, 16 Feb 2016. In a major boost to the “Make in India” initiative, the government has announced that a few Indian cities will be developed as “African Safari” hubs to boost tourist potentials, starting with Bengaluru. “It was a … Continue reading

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The Story of a Slime

*** # 1  Our THE clerk In every medical college, there is at least one THE clerk.  Almost unknown to Principals, Heads of Departments, and the rest of the non-medical world, this clerk manages and manipulates almost every “routine” aspect that keeps a … Continue reading

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Satire: Indian Cricket Team Banned from Using Fairness Creams to Avoid Series Whitewash

Taking a decisive measure to avoid a heart-breaking series whitewash, Team India Director Ravi Shastri has banned Indian cricketers from using fairness-oriented creams or even appearing in their ads. “We conducted an internal investigation into the reasons that have led … Continue reading

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(Satire) 2013: Govt Launches “One Doctor in Every Family” scheme.

Asanshol, 29th Feb 2013: In a move that stinks of genius, some politicians are coming up with a brilliant idea to tackle all medical-related issues plaguing the country: forcing open a Medical College in every district. Not to let go … Continue reading

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