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Dear Doctors, Don’t Get Bullied By Idiots. 

Another short lesson for all starting their practice/ learning: Yesterday, a patient’s husband was constantly answering his phone while his wife was consulting me. His phone and nonchalant loud conversations were a constant disturbance and he pretended not to listen … Continue reading

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DNB Family Medicine Training (2007- 2010): Some observations and Experiences (written in 2013)

Hospitals, specially private institutes, see two major advantages in having DNB trainees: 1. Assured workers for three years at lower costs, without the conditions of employer-employee contracts or special privileges. 2. Academic interests keep most of the senior doctors updated … Continue reading

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Tips for DNB-Family Medicine seekers: Updated

During PG admission times, online fora buzz with a lot of anti-Family Medicine chatter. Most of the negative chatter is by people with anonymous names and profiles. There is a strong suspicion that these are people who scored low ranks … Continue reading

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We “cost” little to you. But we deal in something priceless.

There are times when I LOVE discussions with self-proclaimed VIP patients! *** Background: The typpikkyyal Mallu VIP (pronounced ‘Vyee-iyy-pee’) is a boisterous, oversized, middle-aged male. He insists on smilingly referring to himself ‘small and humble’- something he will remind you … Continue reading

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Satire: Quacks call for Papaya Tree to be canonized as “Saint Papaya Tree” for miraculous role in “curing” dengue.

Asansol, Feb 29th, 2015. By an honest reporter. Every noble deed is followed by a slew of opportunists trying to cash in. A delegation of quack practitioners eking a living out of various “belief systems” (i.e. non-scientific and devoid of any sense) systems of … Continue reading

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Ads promising a “Family Medicine career in a corporate chain of clinics” will blow you off your feet. But read this before you leap.

Some corporate chains have been exploiting young family medicine (FM) specialists in the name of FM. They show little interest in your family medicine, once that contract is signed. *** Dear all, a word of caution / alert: Please take … Continue reading

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Patient encounters: The scared sufferer-manipulator.

It happens routinely in 100% literate God’s own country. Maybe, even more so. *** A healthy-looking lady walked in to the clinic. “Doctor, I’m feeling much better” (She was in a near-crippling state 1-2 months ago). “I want to stop … Continue reading

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