Health check-ups: “Packages” are useless if not chosen carefully. So how do you get the most out of them?


A rigid “Package” of health-check tests is usually not a wise thing to do. What are the missing links? Read on to know why.


Q. Should I just go for a fixed “package” of tests on my own? Labs, hospitals, even my bank is offering a fixed “package” of 30/ 50/ 100/ 200 “tests” at  unbelievably throw-away prices.

Generally, people do a “package” of tests with the belief that such tests are the most vital part of health check-ups.
For example, a “General” or “Executive” or “gold-ruby-platinum-titanium-whatever” health check may consist of detailed Liver function tests, Renal function tests, ECHO, Chest X ray, Stress tests, etc.

But such “packages” of tests may not suit each and every person individually.

There can be a common Health check “package” for the young and the old, male and female, but only limited to few basic tests.

What about specific risk factors associated…

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