What do Doctors have to do with “doctored” videos and photos?

It is usually agreed that the origin of the word “doctor” lies in old English or French- meaning a “learned person” or a “respected teacher”. Gradually, healers- those considered among the most learned and of much use to society, began to be called so.

The word “Doctored”, however, is a slang.

Slang- which means it is an informal, often abusive word, loosely used in casual talks, but if used in ‘learned’ circles (like- ahem- the media or political discourses), indicates below-par credentials of the person using it.

May be, even a blunt brain trying to pass off as “cool”, but definitely not “cool”.

Why are our highly learned media and politicians using the word “doctored” – this slang word – liberally and carelessly?

No one knows how it originated, and why the term for a service oriented profession- with probably the least of INTENTIONAL malice towards fellow humans compared to most other “respectable” professions- is used to convey a fraud.

What do doctors have to do with a “doctored” video or photo?

Yes, a few practitioners here or there may be involved in manipulating a medical report here or there. How many? One in a hundred thousand medical documents? Does that warrant the profession’s name be abused to convey fraud?

Why such jealousy?

Why such hidden evil intentions, dear media and your political puppeteers, that you’ll use ANYTHING to distract people even subconsciously – by dragging in the name of a profession that is still regarded as much cleaner and trustworthy than yours?

Don’t give us the crap response that the word “doctored” wasn’t invented by you, or that it’s been used for decades. It’s still a slang, and not expected to be used by the learned you, who self certify your morals, righteousness and high standards.

Why not call the photos or videos “tailored” or “engineered”?

Or use the profession that’s notorious for manipulating facts and evidences, rather than protecting truth- “lawyered”?

Because unlike doctors, lawyers can openly and un-apologetically beat you up  if you rub them even a bit on the wrong side- and the world (i.e. the media) believes that lawyers are no pushovers, unlike doctors?

Why not use a word that is the epitome of evil, deceit and maliciousness today- “presstituted”? After all, such videos and photos are of utmost importance to the media, isn’t it? Fair enough!

Why are the media and the politicians cunningly avoiding the use a of neutral word like “altered” for such videos?

Because it doesn’t have negative connotations towards any profession?

Because such neutral, un-sensational words can’t be used for subconsciously stoking the anger of people towards something that stands for (largely) sincere service?

Time’s up.


“Presstituted video”.
Well, if you insist on using a sensational, well-known, well accepted and a meaningful slang term, this is the most apt.
Go for it.


Jai Ho!



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