2015: A historic, exciting and truly memorable year for Family Medicine in India.

My dear fellow journeymen,

2015 was an awesome year for FM in India. The year took off with the memorable Kerala state conference in Calicut in the 1st week of Jan itself, followed by an unprecedented number of state Conferences and CMEs, subsequent creation of several state chapters (not simply created, most of them are actually active).

And who can ever forget the truly memorable Karanataka state conference! These meets turned out to be extremely popular; even trend-setting events for those who attended them.

And of course, the National conference in Delhi (FMPC 2015), with the active involvement of the Health Ministry itself, was the icing on the cake of exciting FM events!

Passing rates for the DNB(FM), conducted by the very demanding, strict and uncompromising NBE have been the best in the history of FM (probably any specialty) in 2015. It speaks volumes about the increasing numbers of accomplished guides in the specialty, and of course, students pursuing this commitment-heavy specialty by CHOICE, which, in turn, raised the interest in the subject, translating into better pass rates and career success.

2015 saw the emergence of new and exciting leaders for FM- among practitioners, student leaders and even advocates from conventional specialists, from grassroot practitioners, the general public and surprise, surprise- the usually antagonistic mainstream media!

The networking among FM specialists, both within India, and from Indians to all across the world, is getting wider, the interpersonal bonds and trust getting stronger, reliable and more productive with each month and every conference that is conducted. Every such interaction is almost a milestone in professional and personal growth- with no exaggeration here.

The National Board of Examinations (God Bless them for their noble intentions and support, for no one else in the medical education field really seems to bother about anything other than cash, cash, cash) started regular student and faculty development programmes for FM, offering unconditional support at every step.

The RCGP, WONCA, all have been assisting us in the works.

Things have never been better for FM in India. The buzz, the vibes, every good voice and feel about FM was growing louder and more positive than ever.

In 2016, we are looking up to even higher goals. It promises to be exciting.

Sometime, sooner or later, we hope that FM is able to reach each and every Indian, keeping people healthy, preventing illness, bring down cost of disease very heavily, and protect and prevent people from falling prey to unscrupulous elements within the medical field. The onus is on us.

Sooner rather than later, each and every Indian should be feeling secure and proud of his or her trusted family doctor. Lets hope the Government continues its support- which will surely happen if they are genuinely working in the interest of the people.

Miles to go before we sleep.
But the journey continues to be exciting and promising and satisfying.

Best wishes
Welcome 2016, and be good to us like your predecessor 🙂 And while we are at it, don’t miss the Tamil Nadu state event (CMC Vellore), planned in the middle of this year.

Lets all wish ourselves a great 2016!
Dr Bijayraj R
President-elect, AFPI-Kerala Chapter.


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3 Responses to 2015: A historic, exciting and truly memorable year for Family Medicine in India.

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  2. Wonderful reflection of a great year for Family Medicine in India. As rightly brought out by the author Miles to go before we rejoice the achievements. The momentum needs to be maintained rather
    Accelerated to reach our goal of securing a healthy nation through Family Medicine and realizing a dream of universal health coverage. Of course thejourney continues to be exciting and promising and satisfying.

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  3. Shybin Usman says:

    Family medicine is the need of the hour in India, where the two extremes of lack of access to health care and the obsession with super(sub)specialists are both rampant. The balanced and cost-effective approach to providing health care has been the crippled- and all but killed off- by constant assault from various quarters (too innumerable to mention!).
    It is time that people are made aware of the fallacy of the super(sub)specialist obsession and time that there is a genuine earnest effort to provide the basic health care and education to the deprived masses. I strongly feel the the emergence of Family Medicine as a specialty in its own right is the first and foremost step in this direction. Though I am a Internist, working in the so-called ‘periphery’ in Kerala has made me realize that a family doctor can make a huge impact in alleviating suffering in many instances. (I am the de facto family doctor for some families in my locality of practice!)
    I am eagerly looking forward to the day when the family ‘DOCTOR’ becomes a real family ‘MEMBER’ cherished, loved and respected by the entire family. Keep on going Family Medicine and Family Medicine and all wishes for a very very bright future.
    After all health, like everything else in society, starts at home (i.e in the FAMILY!)


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