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Of “strong” and “weak” medicines, “heavy” and “light” doses.

“Doctor, the previous doctor has given me a very strong medicine for diabetes. I don’t want to take it, I want another opinion”- demanded a grumpy, overweight, middle-aged patient. “Why do you feel so?” “Previously, another doctor had given me … Continue reading

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AYUSH- Lets admire the wisdom and professional integrity of our Vets for keeping out.

My respect for Veterinarians is growing day by day. They are the ONLY segment of healthcare workers in India who are not begging or twisting political arms for “rights” to practice “allo”pathy on humans. That’s because they wisely accept that … Continue reading

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DNB practical exams v/s MRCGP (Int) OSCEs: It’s like batting in a Test match on a foreign pitch v/s T-20s!*

For those who love both- cricket and Family Medicine- and plan to give both these types of exams, one from our own Indian National Board of Examinations, and the other from the Royal Colleges 🙂 *** First, a look at … Continue reading

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“Young doctors today have no value”, feel senior doctors. “Why did it happen?” A young doctor dares a reply.

As a youngster, may I dare to defend the doctors of my generation. *** Quote: “You go to a doctor who is in his 70s or 80s, and you will find that his approach to seeing a patient and a … Continue reading

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