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Someone diabetic in your home? Buying a glucometer? Some practical, unbiased tips.

The universal “commonsense rule of advertisements” applies here too: Don’t fall for the spectacular claims which they flaunt. Most of the “high end” features are practically useless, just like in your smartphone. Disclaimer: I HAVE NO MONETARY “TIE-UPS” WITH ANY … Continue reading

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Health check-ups: “Packages” are useless if not chosen carefully. So how do you get the most out of them?

  A rigid “Package” of health-check tests is usually not a wise thing to do. What are the missing links? Read on to know why. *** Q. Should I just go for a fixed “package” of tests on my own? … Continue reading

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Sanity At Last: Finally, Public understands doctor’s dedication, gets furious at Governments’ negligence instead.

(Satire) By our Non-presstitute Reporter. XYanad, 29th Feb 2015. In a surprising first-of-its-kind-incident, a few members of the public have finally understood some realities that doctors grapple with in day-to-day practice, and have started speaking openly against government apathy in … Continue reading

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Hartals: Preventing critical patients and neutral medical staff from reaching hospitals is TERRORISM.

Message- Dear Keralites: All over the world, medical professionals doing their work are spared even by enemies during a war. Please let them work during hartals in your own state, for your own good. *** Like most doctors, I feel … Continue reading

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